What is speedcubing?
Speedcubing is a very exciting and interesting sport, which conquered the whole world. It's a chance to prove yourself, feel the competitive spirit and get emotional charge.
Besides, this puzzle:
encourages the development
of memory and logical thinking
increases patience and lowers children's hyperactivity
relaxes the brain after a hard
school or working day
improves the focus
develops spatial thinking
improves intellectual abilities
develops creativity
increases concentration
develops hidden talents
UKUB professionally teaches children and adults how to solve Rubik's cube and other interesting mechanic puzzles. In our centers, everybody can gain some basic skills or significantly increase his level.

We teach our students on a base of author's methodology, which is created due to long-term experience and is based on various aspects of teaching and psychological preparation.

The number of UKUB students increased up to 500 people in the past year, many of them show amazing results at district and city competitions.

Someone trains hard to become a professional sportsman and show the result of 8-15 seconds, someone just spend time in a wonderful and useful way.
Also we can:
hold a bright and extraordinary children's party
organize an interesting master-class for any audience
show a spectacular Rubik-show
introduce you an art-style «ukubism»
help you to give way to your ideas!
    I'd been dreaming of solving Rubik's cube from the school days, but it had remained a dream for a long time. I remember when I made a bet with my desk mate in 9th grade, who would solve Rubik's cube faster. However, no matter how I turned it, span it, I still couldn't solve it. I thought a humanitarian couldn't deal with it.
    Thank you, Roman, he managed to teach me how to solve a Rubik's cube and interested me in other puzzles in several lessons.
    sergey, naro-fominsk
    I'm thankful to UKUB team for an excellent master-class, which was held in our school!
    Children are so excited! We've already signed up for classes.
    tatiyana, moscow
    We're very thankful to Roman, the trainer and master of UKUB center, for his high quality teaching and invaluable knowledge, which is given to my son during the training.
    The child has become more patient, attentive to details and is making progress in reading and mathematics at his age of four.
    marina, surgut
    The results are amazing! I am very satisfied!
    We try to be friends with our clients,
    so we are happy to answer your questions.
    WhatsApp: +7 964 581-00-02
    E-mail: mail@ukub.info
    Moscow, Russia
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