TOP#1 business-idea 2019
Open a speedcubing center in your town
and start earning money in the first semester already!
What is speedcubing?
Speedcubing is a new hobby, which has recently come to Russia, it is a time-limited solving a Rubik's cube. It is not only an exciting hobby, but also a true sport, which has its national and international tournaments: European and World championships. Solving of the cube develops memory, logical and spatial thinking, manual dexterity and patience.
You probably have a Rubik's cube at home, a Rubik's cube, which was being solved by your parents – the first wave of the speedcubing popularity took place at 80th. Experts say that fashion is cyclic: many trends come back, mechanic puzzles are gaining its popularity again.
Catch the wave now and become an owner of a successful business, which will bring good for the community and bring you regular income!
Why is it profitable to open speedcubing center now?
Speedcubing is a new trend of children's leisure and development market
According to Yandex, more than 1 million of people in a month search for "Rubik's cube".
It's your contribution to the society's development
Our team makes additional education more accessible, we encourage intellectual leisure time among children and teenagers, help hundreds of people to unlock their new talents and abilities.
UKUB has become the first speedcubing center in Russia
and has got excellent result in a short period of time: the branch network covers several towns
and continues its development.
Growing market
According to Forbes, the market of additional education in Russia has a huge potential. This is due to the annual increasing of the number of the children of 4-16 years old and parental needs
for the qualified children's development have formed.
Children love our centers
They attend our lessons and tell their friends about UKUB with great pleasure. That is why we don't need to spend a lot of money to get customers, most of them stay with us for 6-18 month.
Full support
We'll help you to get to the bottom of everything and start your business successfully, we'll share our experience and tell you about all the opportunities for your business to grow.
Low level of the first investments
Low competition
Fast payback
from 4 to 8 month.
Open the center in your town!
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